Brenda Russell

Dream A World Education Ambassador

Brenda Stephen & AlleeWe are proud to welcome Brenda Russell as a member of Dream A World Education’s Ambassadors of the Arts.

Brenda is an award-winning singer-songwriter with a unique musical perspective, intimate voice and a prolific treasure-trove of lyrics. She has proven that a truly glowing talent only deepens with time. Grammy-nominated, as composer of the classics “Get Here,” “If Only For One Night,” and the Brenda PhotoGrammy-nominated “Piano In The Dark,” she’s shown her prowess and chameleon-like ability to shift between musical genres and combine styles to help create Tony Award-winning hit Broadway musical The Color Purple with songwriters Allee Willis and Stephen Bray.

“I come from a musical family going back several generations. My great-great uncle was in the original cast of the first all black Broadway musical, Shuffle Along, in 1926. Ironically the Revival of Shuffle Along was on Broadway the same time as my musical The Color Purple. My mom and dad were both singers and mom was a songwriter who I got my songwriting bug from. She wrote so many songs that from a very young age I thought all moms wrote songs.

Bunny & BrendaI went to elementary school in Canada where we had free music classes which was my first introduction to famous composers. I was a sponge for pop music and was very influenced by Motown writers…from Holland, Dozier & Holland to The Beatles. I learned early to write songs which inspired friends & family alike and helped me to realize what my path in life would be. Music is a healer…I’m so grateful for this gift of music.”

Bunny Hull, our Executive Director and Brenda have been good friends and writing partners since the 80’s. Brenda wrote “Piano in the Dark” with Jeff Hull, Bunny’s brother.

Brenda has definitely been a part of bridging generations through the arts and she continues to do so by helping Dream A World Education bring music and the arts into the lives of children in Los Angeles.  Thank you Brenda!

Help Brenda and Dream A World Education bring the arts to low-income children in L.A. by donating today!

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