Dream A World Education teaches happinessLos Angeles, CA – Dream A World Education, Inc. brings arts education to low-income students in Los Angeles with unique programs that address the whole child.  This organization is one-of-a kind in the field of arts education in that it uses the arts to directly address the soclal-emotional needs of children and teach them cultural understanding in their early formative years.  They do this by using multidisciplinary arts disciplines to teach  values and life-skills, nurturing children’s creativity and individuality and giving them specific tools which they can use over a lifetime to help them lead whole, healthy and successful lives.

“I often say I am a poster child for early arts education. What I learned was not only about being an artist, in my case a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and singer.   It was about discipline, about nurturing relationships, connecting with others, about setting a goal, about understanding that when you practice something you get better. The list could go on and on. And that’s why I’m moved to do what I do to bring what I know to children, anywhere and everywhere, ” says Bunny Hull, Founder and Director of Dream A World Education.

Learning about Japan.

Learning about Japan.

One of the things that Dream A World Education does in creating curriculum is to connect a child, through each lesson, with a different part of the world.  As an example, in the Passport To The Heart program, as children learn rhythms and song through call and response,  teachers combine learning the Cherry Blossom dance from Japan, with the idea of giving, they learn where Japan is on the giant globe used in the lesson, they learn what language the people speak and how to say a few words in Japanese, as well as what inventions the people of Japan have given us.   They discuss and learn what giving means.

Each lesson plan is carefully crafted to take students somewhere around the world where they can identify with people just like them.  From Mexico, to Kenya, Hawaii, Brazil, Israel, India, Haiti and more, children learn arts, language and cultural understanding so they can begin to grasp how they are part of a global family.

To find out how you can bring Dream A World Education to your school, send an email to info@dreamaworldedu.org with Request For Programming Information in the subject line.

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  1. David Henry says:

    I believe in this program as I did some intense research and observations of the program. I want o use your curriculum to address struggling students in my school. Please send me the curriculum

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