Description of the Program

Secrets of the Heart™ TV  is an award-winning web-based learning platform that delivers arts-based, social-emotional learning with an emphasis on culture and diversity.  Designed for children ages 4-8. 

A hybrid program that can be used for remote or in-classroom learning and in synchronous or asynchronous formats.

Secrets of the Heart™ TV begins with parent and teacher orientations and an opening film, followed by 5-24 pre-recorded workshop webisodes (depending on program length you choose), and ends with a culmination. Each webisode is approximately 15 minutes long with 20 – 25 additional minutes required to complete reading, discussion and worksheet. Every workshop includes an art form, vocabulary words, ASL signs for the “secrets” and visiting a new location somewhere in the world!

Worksheets are provided in English and Spanish to be printed each week, completed and reviewed. Completed worksheets can be photographed with a mobile device and returned to teachers when teaching is remote.

Pre-workshop 1:   

Teacher Orientation and Parent/Guardian Orientation

Pre-workshop 2:   

Children’s Introduction to Secrets of the Heart™ TV 3 minutes

Secrets of the Heart™ Opening Interactive Performance Film45 minutes



Each week, you will receive an email with a shareable link to your video workshop. We’re so excited to welcome you to the family!

Workshop 1Vision – Creating a vision board – Visit United States

Workshop 2Friendship & Smile – Creating a song – Visit Hawaii (Read – The Friendship Seed)

Workshop 3Kindness – Music and dance – Visit Liberia

Workshop 4Imagination – Theater Arts – Visit Mexico (Read – The Magic Eye)

Workshop 5Being Thankful – Visual Arts (children create Young Masters Headdresses) – Visit Mexico, China, Middle East, Israel and America (Read – The Hidden Treasure)  – Children wear headdresses each week as they participate in workshops.

Workshop 6Listening – Music – Visit Thailand

Workshop 7Courage – Music and Dance – Visit Guinea, West Africa (Read – Heart of a Lion)

Workshop 8Family – Dance – Visit Native America

Workshop 9Beauty – Percussion – Visit Brazil

Workshop 10Inspiration – Music and Poetry – Visit Senegal, West Africa

Workshop 11Peace – Music and Dance – Visit Israel

Workshop 12Cooperation – Drumming – Visit Ghana, West Africa

Workshop 13Emotion – Music, The Blues – Visit Mississippi, United States

Workshop 14Strength – Drumming – Visit Cuba

Workshop 15Love – Song – Visit United States (Read – This Little Light)

Workshop 16Individuality – Puppetry – Visit New York, United States

Workshop 17Music – Musical Alphabet – Visit Italy

Workshop 18Creativity, Dance – Visit India (Read – The Invisible Power)

Workshop 19Happiness – Theatre Arts – Visit Greece

Workshop 20Giving – Music, Saxophone – Visit Belgium and New Orleans, Louisiana

Workshop 21Discipline – Dance, Ballet – Visit Italy

Workshop 22Compassion – Drumming/Percussion – Visit Peru

Workshop 23Passion – Dance, Modern – Visit California, United States

Workshop 24Confidence – Dance, Hip-hop – Visit Bronx, New York, United States

Virtual Culmination – Choose an art form for children to present. Parents share vision boards they have completed at home.


If you wish to order books and music from the Young Master Little Wisdom® hard cover book and music series, they are available at  Songs are also available on iTunes, and