Dance, Music & Language Arts
Grade levels 2-3

“Dance In America” Residency

“Secrets of the Heart” – Dance • Dedication • Discipline • Passion • Practice

Picture collage onlyDance in America is a residency that follows 2nd grade students after they have completed Secrets of the Heart in kindergarten and One World Drum Circles in 1st grade. It teaches the history of dance in the United States.

It is designed as a 12-week residency but can be customized to meet your schools needs. The “Secrets of the Heart taught in this residency are dance, dedication, discipline, passion and practice.  Children learn classic dance technique, and warm-up exercises which will precede the exploration of dance in each workshop. Dance history will begin as students view a short video prior to dancing which shows them the highest in excellence with regard to the dance form they are about the explore. Students listening

Over the course of 12 weeks, each week they will learn one dance form.   It begins with ballet, the foundation of all great dance. They will then learn modern dance and tap.  They will discover how these dance forms influence other styles. Students will learn 1st positiondance that is performed solo, with partners and in groups. They will discover that dance may be choreographed, be freestyle or a combination of both. We will continue to explore jazz, latin dance styles, popular American dances from the 1960’s such as the twist, boogaloo and the swim. We will move through the dance history through the Motown era, disco era, popping, locking and hiphop. Dance styles will be linked to historical values and cultural connections.

Parents are invited to participate in final open workshop! Curriculum is aligned with VAPA and Common Core standards for Language Arts.

After learning about the Alvin Ailey Dance Company,  2nd Grade Students take their first Modern class.

The program is designed for four classrooms, one workshop per week, with up to 30 students per class and can be expanded to include additional classrooms.

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