PW-IMG_1847STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Add the “A” for Arts and you have a philosophy that lays a solid and complete foundation for a student to thrive.  Albert Einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Some of our greatest scientists and mathematicians had a background in arts.  Arts… that open the mind and heart, releasing creative intelligence.  Alexander Graham Bell, played the piano and Albert Einstein, the piano and talbert-einsteinhe violin.  Einstein declared that a life without music would be inconceivable for him.  Leonardo DiVinci himself said “art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all generations of the world.”

Music and the movement of body in dance uses mathematics and science. Creating a work of visual art….mathematics, engineering and depending on the kind of art…technology.

Art is FUN, and when learning is fun, a child wants to learn. What we teach children is that they are born with gifts to share with the world. Each one has unique and individual ways to share those gifts.

Creativity is at the center of all innovation.  The innovative programming crafted by Dream A World Education, provides a platform by which children can connect with their creative power.  Our programming further  inspires awareness by connecting that creativity with compassion and introduces children to a world of cultural arts that connect us as people.  Our artist in residency programs are designed to be a part of curriculum that occurs during the school day, demonstrating to children that expressing creativity is an important part of life. One classroom teacher who hosted our program said ” The [Secrets of the Heart] program is amazing in how it engages the students through arts.”  Brad Rumble, principal from Leo Politi Elementary said, “At a time of great need in this world, Dream A World Education has found a way to make a direct and lasting impact on our youngest school-age-children.”

We believe the arts are, by nature, the necessary element for every child to be a successful thinker, creator, problem solver, and innovator. What do you think?


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