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Dream A World Education

Supporting children's social and emotional well-being.

Provides social-emotional learning and an
understanding of cultural diversity through an early childhood, arts-based education.

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Children we serve, live below the poverty line

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Children and families served

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Of parents agree programs have had a positive impact on their child.

How do you prepare children for a changing world?

You teach them
how to dream

You teach them that they were born with the power of creativity and that the world is a place filled with possibility.


Our Programs

Delivered by a diverse team of highly skilled professional artists, programs positively impact school climate and culture and create a continuum of learning for students, parents and teachers.

Secrets of the Heart®

Foundational UTK-Kindergarten


Music, Dance, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts Links an arts experience to academic achievement and critical thinking skills in Language Arts, Listening/Speaking, History, Social Studies and the development of interpersonal skills.

One World Drum Circles

1st Grade

12 weeks

Arts and universal themes as children learn
rhythms, folklore and song in a variety of styles
from cultures around the world.

Dance In America

2nd Grade

12 weeks

Children view videos demonstrating dance excellence. They learn classic dance technique and explore styles from ballet to hip hop.

Gifts of the Griot (Gree-oh)

2nd or 3rd grade

7 weeks

Exploring the traditions of West African Storytellers
and the heroes in their midst through
poetry, song and dance.

Professional Development

Professional Development workshops are designed to inspire, uplift and energize. They are filled with
music, dance and creativity.

Parent Workshops

Parents are introduced to the arts and the core values we are teaching their children


Our Teaching Artists

Dedicated, diverse, and highly-qualified

Meet a few of our teaching artists with numerous performing achievements, awards and leadership experiences in the United States, Europe and Africa. Their language fluency includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, German, French, Thai and Italian.

Bunny Hull

Founder, Executive Director

Elayn J. Taylor


      Tomoka       Nomura-Jarvis

Visual Artist/Musician

Teaching Artists

What We Do

What We Do

How We Change the World

Dream A World Education makes a meaningful difference in early childhood development through Secrets of the Heart® enrichment programs designed to teach social-emotional learning and cultural diversity with exemplary arts programming.

Parent Workshops

Deepening the connection between parent and child and parent’s school involvement.

Professional Development

Creating collaboration and learning to utilize the arts to improve student learning.

Building Leadership

Inspiring school administrators to create stronger partnerships with parents, teachers and staff.

Celebrating Student Success

Instilling confidence, creating self-esteem, demonstrating arts skills.

"I have thought much about our community partners during School Closure and how they have had to pivot just like we have. I admire the tenacity of these partners. It is not surprising, as I see how committed they are, but still I am amazed."

Principal, Hawthorne School District

"I am very appreciative of your organization and the resources that were provided for our students while they were at home with distance learning. All primary students benefited. Thank you so much for the work you do, for promoting the arts to our schools and helping build a brighter tomorrow for the students whose lives you touch."

Sylvia Valles Principal, Hobart Elementary School, Los Angeles

"I've especially talked to principals of schools where change is needed, where school culture is not where it should be. I've shared with them how the arts can be a game-changer for children and for a school, and Dream A World Education's role in doing this at the schools I've led."

Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

"I have shared that having DAWE has built community, strengthened our arts program and improved our students’ self-esteem and behavior."

Principal, Hawthorne School District

"As a long-time professional in arts education, I am inspired and impressed with the high quality of the artists who guide the children and the depth and excellence they achieved in terms of educational standards. The on-line version lost none of the vibrant energy and concepts.
I feel hope for our future world!."

Susan Cambigue-Tracey Director of Special Projects, The Music Center

Thank You


We couldn't do it
without you!

Be a change maker!

Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks to all individuals and funders who support our work on behalf of children in underserved communities and schools


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