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Robert Fulghum knew of what he spoke when he wrote “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”  Did you know that whoa child will become is formed by the age of five?  One learns to think, react, explore and examine, create and communicate… all by age five.  Kindergarten is a time of growth and understanding, of learning self-awareness, empathy, compassion and confidence.

There is a reason why Dream A World Education is committed to bringing its programming into the lives of five year olds.  It’s the right time, the perfect time, to make a difference.

Our Secrets of the Heart arts-driven learning experience offers in-school theatrical performances and instruction by Dream A World Education artists and performers, including hands-on practical art workshops with professionals in their field – music, dance, theatre arts and visual arts.  We offer children a chance to discover who they are.

In the last four years, our program has been received by over 1600 students in five Los Angeles area Title I schools (Grant Avenue, Selma Avenue, Leo Politi, Gardner Street, and Juan Cabrillo Elementary Schools).  All schools have not only welcomed the return of Dream of World Education and the Secrets of the Heart 6-week residency program but also requested our additional follow-up monthly Passport program lasting the remainder of the school year.

This fall we completed Secrets Of The Heart residencies and have Passport To The Heart programs continuing in two Title I schools in the Los Angeles area:  Selma Avenue Elementary and Leo Politi Elementary.  Both schools feel like home to us as this is the second time we’ve conducted the program at each school.

In a recent study by the Department of Education, “the nation’s poorest students, the ones who could benefit the most from arts education, are receiving it the least.”   This is why Dream A World Education focuses on Title I schools.  We want to influence families and children below the poverty line.  These children need it the most.

The end of the year is a good time to say thank you the the funders and individual supports who have made it all possible.
How do children become better human beings?  By learning that they are born with powerful gifts, by experiencing the joys of life…by being who they are.

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