An Excerpt From Our Documentary

We’re thrilled to announce our documentary by Emmy Award-winning Cinema Verde Productions. Following programs that take children on a journey from kindergarten through second grade, this documentary talks about how important it is to level the education playing field for inner city children. “I am somebody,” as this young TK student chants. Yes, children must believe they are important and their dreams can come true. See our new promo video  here

Anindo Marshall teaching about wisdomChildren in the inner city don’t have most of the opportunities that children in more affluent neighborhoods enjoy. We often don’t connect with our communities outside of where we live, and we believe this is a part of why there is a disconnect in our world at large.

Our arts enrichment programs help level the playing field by Inspire a Child phototeaching our children they are important…that what they think and feel matters and that their dreams and their gifts are important to the world. This is why we think it’s vital to begin our programming early in a child’s life when they are forming their basic attitudes and understanding about themselves, about life and about the world in which they live.

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