DAWE Students Journal Along With Our Programs

Journaling gives our students an opportunity to record what they are learning and experiencing in each DAWE residency program. Their journals are a record of how they’ve learned toJournal art connect the arts, language arts and geography with countries and cultures around the world. This is especially important to our students who are English Language Learners (ELL).

Nearly half of the students in our classes are ELL. At Esperanza Elementary, 79% of students have English as their second language. It is vital to reinforce teachers’ efforts in teaching English to these students. The arts complement Journal art by a DAWE studentacademic instruction by helping to make cultural connections through song, music, dance, story, rhythm and exposure to the global community. For example, in our songwriting workshop we explore children’s drawings of friendship as they create sentences and couplets that express their thoughts using rhyme.

Each unit of study is represented in the children’s journals and once the unit is complete they take their journals home to share with their parents or guardians…who may also be English language learners. The effects of what we do ripple beyond the walls of each school into families and communities.

Journal art of two interracial friends

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