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Julie Wong-Conway, teacherWhy Teach?

My name is Julie Wong-Conway and I have been an educator for twenty-six years.

The main reason I chose teaching as a career is because of the positive impact public education has had on my life.  I know that if it weren’t for those teachers, I would not be where I am today.  I hold the belief that I may also touch the life of a child, as the teachers before me have touched mine.

My parents are from China, but, very old school, and did not believe that girls needed an education, but would grow up to marry into another family and become part of that family.  Therefore, I did not receive the nurturing and guidance commonly associated with Asian American families.  I was told that I was being raised for another family.

However, throughout my elementary school years, teachers engaged my intellectual curiosity, praised my accomplishments, nurtured me, recognized my potential, and helped me understand that I could accomplish much more than the boundaries and expectations set for me because of my gender and ancestral origin.  I strive to do the same for my students.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UC Irvine, my California Teaching Credential from CSU Dominguez Hills,  and my Master of Arts in Educational Administration from CSU Dominguez Hills.

I have been teaching elementary classes for fifteen years from schools in as diverse areas as Central Los Angeles to West Hills.  I have also served in out-of-the-classroom positions as an Elementary Literacy Coach, Elementary Literacy Advisor, Intervention Support Coordinator, Mentor teacher, and Gifted Coordinator.  I have instructed for LAUSD’s Pre-Intern and Intern Programs and presented at the Workshop for Teacher Academy Program at LACMA, the California Council for Social Studies at the Long Beach Convention Center, California History-Social Science Mini-Conference at CSU Dominguez Hills, Literacy:  Frontiers in History-Social Science at Gahr High School, and LAUSD/Gifted Talented Programs at Barrett Elementary.  I also consulted for and co-authored Arts Education Initiative Curriculum Development Project for LACMA and authored K-3 History-Social Science Course Models Development for U.S. Department of Education.

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