Strike a pose2

Strike a pose2

Children & The Art of Living

Over the last several months, cinematographers from Cinema Verde have interviewed teachers, parents and students for our upcoming Dream A World Education documentary. They have filmed each of the three DAWE residencies and have captured reflections on the 25 over-arching themes we call “secrets”: friendship, smile, kindness, imagination, thank you, courage, creativity, love, family, beauty, giving, peace, happiness, wisdom, truth, generosity, cooperation, intelligence, respect, compassion, dedication, discipline, passion and practice.

Boy in InterviewKindergarteners learn the first themes in our Secrets of the Heart workshops. As they progress to first and second grades, through One World Drum Circles and Dance in America residencies, they add new secrets to their journeys of self-discovery through arts.

While filming participants in a Dance in America workshop, the filmmakers asked one of our second graders, “What’s your favorite secret of the heart?” Without missing a beat he said, “Practice…that means when you do something over and over again until you get good at it.” Practice is one of the four themes (dedication, discipline, passion and practice) embodied in the Dance in America curriculum.

We were very impressed that a seven year old would choose this particular “secret.” Practice represents the work that it takes to achieve success. This tells us he enjoyed the work. While all of the arts teach discipline and dedication, dance is unique in that through practice and movement it teaches children how to master and control their bodies. The road to success is paved (at least part of the way) through the experience of dance!

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