Maureen Martineau, featured teacher

Why Teach?

Maureen Martineau  knew that she wanted to be a teacher when she was six years old.  “At six years old  I even made a grade book that listed all the names of the people in my family!”  Maureen is currently a Kindergarten teacher in the Wiseburn District and she loves her career. “I have been teaching for 25 years and feel so blessed to be in this profession.  I love to teach kindergarten because the students truly bring me so much joy with their smiles and enthusiasm.  A day does not go by without laughter as the students say precious things.”

“Young students are eager to learn and that makes teaching so rewarding.  I feel that I have become a better person as a result of being in the teaching profession.  It is my hope that all teachers will feel as supported and as valued as I do in my district.  It is also my hope that many schools will be able to be involved in the Secrets of the Heart program which is an educational and delightful experience for all.”

When asked how the Secrets of the Heart program ties in with the new Common Core standards.  Maureen had this to say.  “The Secrets of the Heart program teaches character and setting, it teaches listening and speaking and telling and retelling stories.  There is also the journal component which has many opportunities for drawing/dictation (beginning stages of writing) and also printing practice.  The singing workshops also give children the opportunity to write as a group which is also the beginning stage of writing (teacher modeling etc.)   Secrets of the Heart teachers give students many opportunities to ask and answer questions which are also Common Core Standards  for K.”

“The Presidents Committee on the Arts and Humanities reported that when you bring the arts into struggling schools, attendance and grades go up.  It makes sense!”

Bunny Hull, Executive Director for Dream A World Education had this to say about Maureen.  “Maureen has a gift for teaching and she has 25 years of experience  and perspective which allows her to have a true understanding of what it takes reach children at the tender age of five.  And…she understands the importance of using the arts to open a world of possibility for children.”

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