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Irene P. Ayala

Our Board Members are a diverse group of individuals and each brings passion for our mission and an important expertise to the table.

Irene P. Ayala is a graduate of UCLA Law School whose diverse career has included working as a federal criminal prosecutor and as a civil litigator with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.   She is also a former commissioner with the Los Angeles City Community Redevelopment Agency and a legal commentator for television.   Her current practice includes arbitrations and administrative hearings in the public sector.

What led Irene to join the Dream A World board of directors, however, was her experience as a criminal defense attorney.  Her clients were often juveniles and adults who came from backgrounds lacking in positive values.  Their poor choices affected not only them, but also their families and communities.   She realized she could make a difference for future generations by championing Dream A World’s elementary school arts programs and our commitment to instilling confidence, building self-esteem, fostering creativity, and encouraging children to set goals at an early age.   Irene believes that by supporting organizations like Dream A World and Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit that works with former gang members, she can bring about positive change in the world, one child at a time.


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