Music & Language Arts
Grade levels 1-2

“One World Drum Circles” Residency

“Secrets of the Heart” – Wisdom • Cooperation • Honesty • Compassion • Generosity • Respect • Truth • Intelligence

“One World Drum Circles” is a 12-week residency program that follows Secrets of the Heart kindergarten students to 1st grade.   It presents arts and universal themes by teaching rhythms, folklore and song from cultures  around the world.  The “Secrets of the Heart” taught through folklore and story themes include wisdom, cooperation, honesty, generosity, respect, truth, intelligence, and compassion.

Each residency begins with a parent workshop, followed by a Professional Development for all grade level teachers.

The program incorporates language arts, vocabulary, geography and mathematics as it pertains to esperanza-teachers-drum-circlecounting rhythms and identifying patterns.  It promotes social-emotional learning as children discover the morals and principles embodied in the folklore and stories explored.  Children learn how to hold and play a drum and gain a knowledge of drum technique.  It introduces an understanding of our similarities and differences and how we live in a global community.  The curriculum meets the visual and performing arts standards for the clarice-teachingState of California and aligns with the new Common Core curriculum for Language Art.  World cultures explored
include:  China, Ireland, West Africa (Ghana), Africa(Egypt) , South America (Peru), North America (Ojiwbe) and Australia (Aboriginal).

This program can also be designed as a 10 week program. Programs are taught by professional artists highly regarded in their discipline. Program culminates with an open workshop in which parents participate.

The program is designed for four classrooms, one workshop per week, with up to 30 students per class and can be expanded to include additional classrooms.

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