Title I funds are available for arts programming. Here’s what schools need to know.

  • Schools eligible to for Title I funds have over 40% of their student population living at or below the Federal Poverty Level. 
  • Dream A World Education, Inc provides supplemental support services that meet NCLB requirements for the use of Title I Funds.
  • Our baseline services can enhance and support your school site instructional plan goals!

Support Services to Title I

  • Assurances and Justifications – Dream A World Education, Inc.

“In accordance with PL 107-110, subpart 15, Sec. 5511 of NCLB, in supplement to the LAUSD core Arts Education Plan, and in alignment with the school site plan”

  • Dream A World Education, Inc.  will provide strategic arts learning designed to improve student achievement in critical thinking skills, listening and speaking, spelling and reading, geography and history.
  • Dream A World Education, Inc.  will provide consultation, collaborate with School Support Team, classroom teachers, administration, parents etc. to determine how best to shape the learning experience for targeted students in selected classrooms in grades K-2.
  • Dream A World Education, Inc. will provide professional development to classroom teachers on strategies for use in cross-curricular content management and content implementation in music, dance, theatre arts and visual arts as they apply to cultural development, history and geography.
  • Dream A World Education, Inc. will present strategies to teachers for creating cognitive connections in students by bringing multiple challenging content areas through the arts.

Your School

  • To increase equity in access for all students as an integral part of the elementary school curriculum  [your school] will hire Dream A World Education, Inc.  to [do the following xxxxxx thing]
  • To strengthen partnerships among parents and other school support personnel in meeting the [xxxx needs] of [xxxx students]
  • [Your school] is hiring Dream A World Education, Inc.  to provide strategic instruction in [subject matter] to improve student achievement in [site the school plan]

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For information on how Title I funding can apply to Arts Education services please visit the LAUSD site.  Click Here!