“One World Drum Circles” Residency
Rhythms, Story and Song From Around The World

Music & Language Arts
Grade levels 1-2

“One World” is a 12-week residency program that follows Secrets of the Heart students to 1st grade in addition to being a stand alone residency program for kindergarten through 2nd grade. It presents arts and universal themes by teaching rhythms, folklore and song from cultures around the world.

Additionally, this residency teaches children how to hold and play a drum and explains drum esperanza-teachers-drum-circletechnique.  It introduces an understanding of our similarities and differences and how we live in a global community.  The curriculum meets the visual and performing arts standards for the State of California and aligns with the new Common Core curriculum.  It incorporates language arts, vocabulary, geography and mathematics as it pertains to counting rhythms and identifying patterns.  It promotes social-emotional learning as children discover the morals and principles embodied in the folklore and stories explored. Story themes include wisdom, cooperation, honesty, generosity, respect, truth, intelligence, and compassion.  World cultures explored include:  China, Ireland, West Africa (Ghana), Africa (Egypt) , South America (Peru), North America (Ojiwbe) and Australia (Aboriginal).

Each residency begin with parent engagement and Professional Development for teachers follows.


“Dance In America” Residency
A History of Dance in the United States 

Dance, Music & Language Arts
Grade levels 2-3

Picture collage onlyDance in America is a residency for 2nd and 3rd grade levels that teaches children the history of dance in the
United States. It is designed as a 12-week residency but can be customized to meet your schools needs. Children will learn classic dance technique, and warm-up exercises which will precede the exploration of dance in each workshop. Dance history will begin as students view a short video prior to dancing and understand that dance excellence requires dedication, passion and discipline.  Students listeningThey will learn ballet, modern dance and tap and discover how these dance forms influence other styles. Students will learn dance that is performed solo, with partners and in groups. They will discover that dance may be choreographed, be freestyle or a combination of both. We will explore tap dance, jazz, latin dance styles, popular American dances from the 1960’s such as the twist, boogaloo and the swim. We will continue to explore the history of dance through the Motown era, disco era, popping, locking and hiphop. Dance styles will be linked to historical values and cultural connections. Parents will be invited to final workshops to participate!. This residency will not require rehearsal, or have a formal culmination to minimize involvement with classroom teachers. Curriculum is aligned with VAPA and Common Core standards.

After learning about the Alvin Ailey Dance Company,  2nd Grade Students take their first Modern class.

This residency begins with a parent workshop, which is followed by Professional Development for all grade level teachers.


“Gifts of the Griot”
Story, Poetry, Song and Dance
in the West African Tradition

Music and Language Arts
Grade levels 2-3

This program is a 7-week residency presented by World Music artist Ashley Maher, a vocalist and songwriter who has extensive experience with West African music and culture.  In the tradition of West African storytellers called “griots,” children create original folklore through poetry and then put it to music as they discover the heroes in their midst and Ashley in studiothe qualities that make them heroes.  They will sing songs of Africa, dance, learn about African culture,  and understand the deeper meaning of being inspired.

Students will identify instruments of Africa, as their poetry is adapted for the creation of an original song. The process involves language skills, reading, spelling, art and music. This residency takes place one day per week, in a 45 minute workshop, for seven weeks and can be customized to fit any number of classes. The residency culminates with an informal classroom performance for family and friends.  Each class receives a CD of their song.

This program begins with a Parent workshop, which is followed by Professional Development for teachers.

A Drop of PeaceA Drop of Peace Workshop

Music, Language and Life Skills
Pre-K – 2

This 45-minute music workshop uses song, story and an interactive exercise to teach children why they are so important. We talk about what is unique about each child as well as all they hold in common.  We create a song about how they each make a  difference in the world.

The Friendship SeedThe Friendship Seed Workshop

Music, Language and Life Skills

In this 45-minute music workshop children learn about the ukulele and how to create a song as they discover what friendship means. We learn music vocabulary and create a “word palette” to discuss all the elements of friendship along with values like honesty. This workshop employs language skills, reading, spelling and music. Children participate in the performance of songs and ultimately Hull creates a song on the spot from the class poem the group has created together