How We Do It

Inspire • Explore • Create • Discover • Share

All programs and workshops are designed to address the whole child and are based upon the visual and performing arts standards for the state of California.

We use the power of performance to capture children’s attention so they can feel what it’s like to be inspired. We then work with them in classroom settings to let them explore one or more art forms. As they experience the joy of creating something, they discover the unlimited ways they can use their imagination. The experience culminates when they share what they have created with others.

During the workshops we reinforce:

  1. How children can use creativity to define who they are
  2. How children can use creativity to create and maintain relationships
  3. How children can use their creativity to express themselves in the things they do everyday.

As the creative process unfolds, children learn how to perceive their surroundings and experience other cultures. They get an understanding of why they need to read, and learn to relate to history and geography in a new way. These arts programs connect the dots to life – to critical thinking and social skills, literacy and core subjects.

Evidence guides for programs are available by request. Contact Bunny Hull by phone at 323-932-0534 orby email (click here).

Why We Need It

Research indicates that more than 80% of the children in Los Angeles schools are Title One – below the poverty line. The high school drop out rate in 2008 was reported at 62%.

Every choice a child makes is based on how they perceive themselves and the world around them. It impacts their attitudes, the relationships they forge, and the way they interact with their families and figures of authority.

There’s a good reason why Dream A World Education focuses attention on children K-2. Early lessons have a lasting impact on a child. It is said that all the milestones relating to a child’s development happen before a child turns six. Their brain is like a sponge and a memory bank for all that enters their senses. Along with coordination, poise and stamina, patterns are formed, skills developed and the understanding of concepts and vocabulary are learned. This is the age when children learn the difference between right and wrong. It’s a time when social relationships are developed as they interact with each other and new adults as they are introduced into a school setting.

It is our aim to reach children in these most formative years. It’s true that the healthy evolution of a child depends on more than just their school experiences. They need a solid support system at home. Some children may or may not have that support, but we believe one unforgettable experience can change a life. It is our intention to provide that experience for every child we meet.

For program budgets or additional information. Contact Bunny Hull by phone at 323-932-0534 or by email (click here).