Vision board from Secrets of the Heart parent workshop

Dream A World Education involves parents in the process as children learn about the Secrets of the Heart.  At the start of each residency program Executive Director, Bunny Hull meets with parents to explore how they can communicate with their children more fully during the program.  New habits are formed as parents learn to question children specifically about what they’re learning.  Habit that will carry over once the program has been completed..

Parents create a vision board at home with their children.  Not just the children involved in the program, but the whole family gets involved in talking about how they can turn wishes into dreams.  From the first wish children place on the Friendship Tree, as they prepare for the opening performance, children are learning that what they have to give to the world is important.  Some parents have forgotten their dreams, or placed them on hold as they work to ensure a good life for their children. It’s a good reminder for everyone.  We all have gifts to share.

Everyone works together to achieve their dreams.  Adults are reminded that the Secrets of the Heart are tools we can use to make our dreams come true.  As children add the secrets they learn each week to the “vision board” children are learning this too, as questions are asked and answered.  The experience is an enriching one for all involved.

When we use our gifts we make the world a better place!

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