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Mask Making

Looking over the shoulder of someone sculpting plasticine face.

The “Secrets” Children Learn:


Mask Making is a 12 week on campus residency program for 4th and 5th grades. This program provides a creative hands-on introduction to a selection of engaging mask making projects. Students will explore the history, function, and purpose of masks in everyday life, diverse cultures, traditions, in theatre and in contemporary 2D and 3D arts.

The “secrets” taught throughout the course include: identity, tradition and feelings. The world cultures explored include: Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Japan, England, Italy, Africa, and the United States/Native American.

  • Parent Orientation: Provides an overview of what students experience during the residency and introduces parents to the concept of mask making through group activities.

  • Professional Development: Offers participating teachers an opportunity to learn the program’s goals and expected outcomes and gives them a preview of some of the activities that students will experience. The professional development is open to all teachers and staff, regardless of grade level.

  • Mask Making Workshops: Students learn about mask making techniques through a curriculum that includes language arts, vocabulary, geography and mathematics.  The curriculum is based upon the California Arts Standards and is aligned with the Common Core Standards for language. 


Whole Program Demo

Content Demo​