Secrets of the Heart at Juan Cabrillo Elementary

Hawthorne, California – The Secrets Of The Heart residency program began for 170 kindergarten students at Juan Cabrillo Elementary on January 17, 2012 and runs through February 27th, when culmination takes place to show parents and friends the secrets that have been revealed and the gifts that have been discovered throughout 48 workshops.

Dream A World team members agree that Cabrillo, under the leadership of principal Margaret Lynch, is an exceptional school with an amazing team of teachers and very involved parents.  All the makings for first class education for children.

The program began with a well attended parent workshop in which parents learned about the program, it’s artists/instructors and ways that they might communicate with their children throughout the residency (an beyond) to enrich this experience for their children.  One parent commented, “this is something we could all use reminding of.”  The something of which she spoke were the secrets of the heart:  friendship and a smile, kindness, imagination and gratitude.

In a visual arts component, parents began working on vision boards in which they create a dream collage where they explore their personal dreams.  Parents work with their children on the boards at home, as they discuss and children add the secrets of the heart  as part of the collage.  After all, the secrets of heart help us to achieve our dreams.

As children move through workshops in the coming weeks, they learn to explore some of the gifts they possess.  Through each art form:  music, dance, storytelling/theatre arts and visual arts they are exposed to the ways they can use those gifts.

On February 23rd children from Cabrillo will share their gifts at the Secrets of the Heart culmination.  They will wear special costumes and the Young Masters headdresses they have each created and proudly perform their songs and stories they have created and the dance  and song they have learned from Liberia, in Africa.

Michael Spiwak, kindergarten teacher at Cabrillo was quoted as saying, “In my 18 years teaching at this school, this is the best program I’ve ever seen.”

Juan Cabrillo Elementary is in the Wiseburn School District.  Our thanks to an extraordinary Principal, Margaret Lynch and the incredible teachers who make this program a big success for 170 students.  Stay tuned for upcoming features of the teachers from Juan Cabrillo.


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One Response to Secrets Of The Heart at Juan Cabrillo Elementary

  1. The magic of life is revealed to the children who have been given the gift of creation in Secrets of the Heart.

    Bunny Hull, in a full workshop program of music, books, art and dance where children are able to flower. She brings with joy and grace the group of teachers in this program.

    She has shared some images, so please explore her world.
    Charlotte Sherman

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