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In a new world of remote learning, Secrets of the Heart™ TV wrap-around program engages young students by inviting them into a learning environment that is interactive and fun and reminds them that they hold within them the power to navigate in a changing world.

Orientation for teachers — to bring teachers together as active and supportive participants beginning with an arts experience and an orientation explaining how the program works.

Orientation for parents/guardians  — to learn what children will experience in Secrets of the Heart™ TV and about the opportunities for family involvement during the workshops. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in a family art project—creating a vision-board collage that reflects the family’s future hopes and dreams. It’s a good reminder for everyone to acknowledge that we all have gifts to share, and when we use our gifts, we make the world a better place.

Six – twenty-four weekly programs (depending on program length selected) — to blend the arts and academics and engage teachers and students in all of the activities. The curriculum guide and weekly lesson plans (available in English and Spanish) link the arts experience to critical thinking skills in Language Arts, Listening/Speaking, History, Social Studies, and the development of interpersonal skills. Each lesson introduces American Sign Language and includes an enduring understanding, i.e. Being Thankful, Kindness, Courage and Imagination, among others.

Final culmination — a culminating event for students, families, teachers and all participating classrooms as everyone joins together to share their dreams and celebrate what children have learned.

Materials — Curriculum guide, downloadable worksheets each week for students and parents in English and Spanish, and six award-winning Young Master Little Wisdom®audio e-books with MP3s for each student. Teachers will also receive individual Visual Arts supply kits, one for each student per classroom. When in classrooms, teachers need a laptop or desktop computer, WiFi, and external speaker to enhance audio. A large monitor or smartboard will enhance the visual experience.


Who We Are

Since 2008, Dream A World Education has delivered Secrets of the Heart™ classroom workshops for children in grades TK-2. Trained professional artists provide unique, high-quality early childhood arts education programs that support academic development, social-emotional learning and an understanding of cultural diversity. Our programs promote a culture of continuous learning for students, parents and teachers through the arts.


What We Do

We inspire children to learn at a critical time in their early years. As they learn how to work together, play together, respect each other and solve problems, they also learn about the diverse world in which they live. We inspire learners of all levels to become academically, socially and personally successful by exploring their aspirations and dreams for the future. Programs are designed to have a positive impact on the entire school community and maximize learning whether children are on or off campus. Our curriculum is based upon the Visual and Performing Arts Standards (VAPA) for the State of California and is aligned with the Common Core Standards for language. Additionally, we are in line with National Core Standards. Through our student-centered programs and workshops for teachers and parents, our arts experiences focus on helping children develop a feeling of self-worth, belonging and purpose.


How We Do It

A link to a weekly video segment delivered by email to teachers and parents features a combination of instruction by a professional Teaching Artist, including animation and special effects. The high-quality video productions, created by a team of experienced educators and entertainment professionals, include arts, SEL, ASL, and award-winning music. Students can receive lesson content in class, via email or by downloads. Teachers have the option of augmenting content by scheduling live Zoom sessions with Teaching Artists. Children learn about imagination, creativity and connection, and history and geography in new ways. The lessons connect the dots to their everyday lives, to critical thinking and social skills and to the importance of reading.

Whole Program Demo

Content Demo​