Charlotte & Lorry Sherman

Establishing an Arts Enrichment Fund for DAWE

Lorry and Charlotte Sherman are not only an inspiration to everyone who knows them…they’re a beacon of light for Dream A World Education. Together they’ve decided to establish the Lorry and Charlotte Sherman Arts Enrichment Fund to sustain and expand DAWE’s programming for children in impoverished areas of Los Angeles.

“We’re in our 90’s now…The arts have provided a rich life for us, filled with beauty and meaningful relationships. We’re committed to leaving a legacy that will give children a chance to experience what we have been so privileged to know in our lifetimes.

If the arts have touched you in any way, we hope you’ll honor those meaningful memories by making a contribution to our Dream A World Education Fund.”

Lorry ShermanAs a retired Vice-Chairman of First Regional Bank headquartered in Century City, California, Lawrence (Lorry) Sherman has a history of helping people realize their dreams by investing in those who came to him in business. Charlotte Sherman, co-owner of The Heritage Gallery knows firsthand what it means to inspire the dreams of a generation through the arts.

Charlotte, Betye Saar (Artist), Arthur Primas (Collector)

Charlotte Sherman, Betye Saar (Artist), Arthur Primas (Collector)

The Heritage Gallery, opened in 1961 by Charlotte Sherman and Benjamin Horowitz, is perhaps the oldest continuously operating gallery in Los Angeles. It has consistently exhibited the finest quality art representing African American and Latin artists from Charles White, and Margaret Burroughs to Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueros and so manyCharlotte more. The Heritage Gallery has assisted many museums and notable art collectors in building their collections. Charlotte is a frequent museum curator and has organized important museum exhibitions. Charlotte a painter, printmaker and sculptor in her own right, has been a certified appraiser since 1975, appraising for museums that include The Getty. You can visit the Heritage Gallery website @

We have been honored to have Lorry and Charlotte Sherman as supporters of Dream A World Education since our inception in 2008 and moved that they have chosen to establish this fund to support us and encourage others to do the same.

To donate to The Lorry and Charlotte Sherman Arts Enrichment Fund go to: or send a check to Dream A World Education, 256 So. Robertson Blvd. Suite 2288, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Please note Lorry and Charlotte Sherman in the memo.

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