Esperanza Friendship Tree 2

Corina Amaya – Teacher, Esperanza Elementary

A gifted teacher who is filled with love for her students is a treasure.  Ms. Amaya is that and more…and we feel grateful that she has been an enthusiastic supporter of “Secrets of the Heart” for her kindergarten class at Esperanza Elementary. We are pleased to share a letter we received from Ms. Amaya.

“The Secrets of the Heart program has had a tremendous impact in my students’ lives. MyEsperanza Grateful parent students have great challenges in oral language expression, but through the Secrets of the Heart program, classes and activities, they have become empowered. The students in my classroom have acquired more confidence in expressing their needs and also their feelings. My students have become more aware of their own abilities and are more sensitive to classmates’ needs creating a great sense of community.

I have always believed that children need to be exposed to the arts, but many of the children who live in the inner city do not have those opportunities. For the majority of my students, it is the first time to ever see a performer play an instrument in front of them. It was extremely satisfying to see their reactions when Ms. Bunny played their song. The teachers in the program are aware of the children’s needs and have provided instruction with a combination of warmth, understanding and excellent professionalism.

I am grateful for the opportunity my students are given, to be recipients of the greatest gifts we can give to children.”


Corina J. Amaya

What are the most important gifts we can give our children?  Empowerment, confidence, community, love – an opportunity to experience the arts…and discover who they are.

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