Week 1

Parent Workshop:

Prior to the start of each Secrets of the Heart Residency program we meet with parents of students participating in the program to talk with them about what their children are learning during the Secrets of the Heart.  Parents are introduced to family art project.  Each parent receives a poster on which they will create their own “dream vision board,” which we be displayed at culmination.  Each board represents the conversations and exchange that took place at home during the program about their dreams and how they can use the Secrets of the Heart to achieve their dreams.

Professional Development:

Up to 75 teachers are offered specific tools and instructional tasks to merge the value of our curriculum in arts learning with social and cultural understanding.

In this one-hour workshop, participants learn a Liberian folk song taught in the languages of Liberia and Yoruba, spoken in Nigeria and areas of West Africa. They also learn its presentation in dance. They learn its meaning and history and then how they can utilize clapping and rhythm and the creation of a song as teaching tools. Both dance and music are conducted to the live rhythm of African drumming.

Teachers learn sign language for the Secrets of the Heart and additional tools which promote creativity  in the classroom.

Teachers receive resources and those with classes participating in the residency receive curriculum materials, children’s journals, accompanying story books with music, in a short meeting after the workshop.

Prior to the beginning of the residency, participating teachers receive a set of hardcover Young Masters Little Wisdom books and music to use in classroom as support to the workshops and a printed journal for each child.


Our opening interactive performance engages children with the idea that they are all Young Masters, for they are born with very special gifts called the “Secrets Of The Heart.” Saphinne, Bunny, Anindo and Flute lead them on a magical, musical journey of original song and dance to discover the “secrets” and reveal the heart-shaped wishes they’ve placed on the Friendship Tree, which will later be planted at our closing celebration.  Children also learn ASL sign language for the Secrets of the Heart – friendship and a smile, kindness, imagination and being thankful.

 The same four high caliber professional artists who perform in the opening performance will teach workshops.

Week 2

Music – Friendship and a smile

Our music artist, uses music and songwriting to the teach children about friendship and a smile, as they explore the “friendship seed,” learn language arts, geography, the elements of a song and how it’s constructed, as they create their own class song about friendship. Children learn the history of the ukulele, about Hawaii and the ASL sign language for friendship and a smile.

Children receive a professionally recorded CD of their song.

Week 3

Dance – Kindness

Our dance artist teaches the children about kindness as they learn to express through dance and body movement.  Dance is talking with your body. They learn where Africa is, a Liberian folk song and dance about welcome and the importance of showing kindness to people around them.

Week 4

Theatre Arts / Storytelling – Imagination

Our theatre arts professional, from the Secrets of the Heart performance, teaches the power of imagination through her workshops in theatre arts and storytelling as the children learn to step into a Diego Rivera painting and observe their surroundings, feel, smell, touch, listen and then create their own original story about the painting. They discover Mexico as the home of Diego Rivera and learn they each have their own story to tell.

Week 5

Visual Arts – Gratitude

There is art that you can see, art that you can hear and art that you can wear. Professional flutist, “Flute” from our performance leads the workshop in visual arts and music as the children learn about hats and head dresses from around the world and then create their own Young Master headdresses decorated with things for which they are grateful. They learn line, color and design, and hear melodies and improvisations performed on the flute, as rhythms and music are cleverly woven into the visual arts lessons.

Week 6

Culmination and Planting The Friendship Tree

Vision boards line the walls of the auditorium.  The entire cast, parents, teachers and children join together for a celebration of the culmination of our program.

Each class performs the song they have written, the dance they have learned, the story they have created and the beautiful headdresses they have designed. We then we have a musical procession to the site where the Friendship Tree is dedicated as a place to make new friends and resolve differences.

  • "I can honestly say that Secrets of the Heart is the best performing arts program for our kindergarten students that I have ever seen in my 37 years in public education.  The programs have been so successful that we are trying to expand into grades 2 and 3.  Dream A World Education is changing lives in Wiseburn and helping to establish an "Arts Renaissance" in our community that is universally embraced."  
  • Our Kindergarteners are still singing "I am blessed, I am thankful..." and we agree that we are so thankful for the six-week residency of "Secrets of the Heart" at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School!  Teachers and parents are thrilled at the positive impact of the work of your artist team on every Kindergarten child.  Even our special needs students have become successful "Young Masters" as you saw them lead the Young Masters pledge or participate without the aid of their one-on-one assistants. Our PTA voted unanimously to pay for "Passports to the Heart" to extend "Secrets of the Heart with monthly assemblies and character themes through the rest of the school year.  
  • “The six-week Secrets of the Heart residency program was a complete success at Grant Elementary.  Among other things it introduced 85 kindergarten students to an array of artistic expression that taught them how to think about themselves and each other in a new way, and through a series of 24 workshops in the arts taught to them the principles of living.  I am confident that the newly acquired skills will help them become better human beings.”
  • “Beginning with a six-week residency now continuing with once-monthly lessons and presentations, 72 Kindergarten and First Grade students have been the recipients of wonderful memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives....Bunny Hull has assembled a cast of artist for this program that exceeded even my highest expectations.  My parents cannot stop raving about the program...I cannot praise this program enough.”
  • “I underestimated the impact the program [Secrets of the Heart] would have on both the students and their teachers...Their self-confidence was evident and their English language skills were boosted.  Students are better for having known you and your colleagues.  The [arts] curriculum which includes vocabulary development, oral language development, listening and speaking skills in addition to following directions is exactly the prescription for study. The program brought something so special to Selma. It fundamentally changed the way the children saw themselves. We expect to have this program here for years to come.”
  • “Through her Secrets of the Heart and Dream A World artist-in-residency series, Bunny has designed programs that are focused on authentic arts experiences for students that are tied to overarching enduring understandings. This is a powerful way to frame learning for children through themes such as Friendship, Courage, Truth and Kindness that connect across curriculum areas and into a student's personal life experiences. Bunny provides a program that brings the arts to life and makes it relevant for all learners and the inherent joy in her programs is tangible to students.”
  • "Secrets of the Heart" has been a game-changer at both schools I've served as principal. By engaging all of a school's Kindergarten students in sequential arts education which nurtures their self-identity, the program's impact actually influences school culture. In moving from one inner-city public school to another, I ensured that "Secrets of the Heart" be part of the first semester of curricular instruction for our Kindergarten students because I saw its potential to help me turn around a struggling school. As I'd seen in my previous school, I observed the Kindergarten students becoming more confident and connected to one another and to their new school as they worked through the sequential lessons and activities of "Secrets of the Heart."
  • "As a teacher, principal, and now as superintendent I have seen many enrichment programs through the years.  I have to give Secrets of the Heart the highest praise for the professionalism of their staff, the quality of the curriculum and the impact on our students.  Not only does this program build confidence, it builds character all the while the students are genuinely having fun.  I look forward to a long relationship between the Hawthorne School District and Secrets of the Heart." 
  • "Dream A World Education has led the way for Hawthorne Schools to bring music, dance, visual and performing art into classrooms; in a way that we haven't experienced in my 17 years in the Hawthorne School District...They provided us with what we were missing; a meaningful, structured, parent and community friendly program involving all of the arts; that our students and teachers absolutely love.  The highly trained staff from Dream A World Education bring vision, quality and experience to the program that allow students to excel and perform like professionals!"
  • "Professionalism shines through at all levels of this organization.  The communication I have had with Bunny Hull and her staff has always been effective, collaborative and prompt.  As a principal I have a lot on my plate and the Secrets of the Heart staff have been a dream to work with.  Each teaching artist is a master at her respective craft and the passion for children shines through in each and every interaction. The entire layout of this program is well through out from scheduling to curriculum."