Secrets Of The HeartLos Angeles, CA – Have you ever asked yourself what Los Angeles will look like in 2050?  Well – we have!  We are participating in a $100,000. grant challenge.  The grantor is LA2050 (The Goldhirsh Foundation) and they are challenging non-profit organizations in Los Angeles to define how they are contributing to our city’s future.

How are our children learning?  The kindergarten children we are working with will be 41 years old in 2050.  Over the next five years Dream A World Education’s long term programming plan follows children through 5th grade.  It’s a program that will change lives.

PageLines- About-Box.jpgHow do you think children who have been immersed in arts training that intentionally teaches friendship, kindness, imagination, gratitude, courage, creativity, love, compassion, generosity and  family will look at the world?  Our Secrets of the Heart program teaches children not only these principles but so much more.  How will they, as adults, shape their own families and the world around them?  How will they raise the children of 2050? We’re putting our ourselves on the line and betting that the majority of these students will look at the world as a place where they can make a difference, that they will treat each other with kindness and compassion and that they will be better prepared to define their own futures.

Dream A World Education teaches happinessWe teach children the art of living.  We teach children arts that help them find and define their passions.  Learning the arts doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily choose arts as a career. It means you learn to think in a different way.  The arts may encourage a child to be a teacher, a builder, a scientist, an architect or a landscape artist  – or a dancer, a singer, an actor, a painter or illustrator. Whatever they discover they love,  they will look at it as an expression of their creativity, as an expression of who they are.  Whether they are a stay-at- home mom, or a doctor, they will use the process they explored by using their creativity to shape their choices and decisions. They will be better problem solvers.  This is the gift we are giving to the children with whom we work and we are certain they will return that gift to the world in ways too numerous to compute.

Are you interested in helping us change the lives of children…in changing the city we leave to those we love?  It’s so easy.  You can help us with a simple comment on our LA2050 page and on Tuesday September 2nd when voting begins  Voting will last for two weeks, ending Tuesday, September 16th.  Please help us by leaving a comment at the bottom of our page and voting on September 2nd. Go to LA2050 by clicking here  and help us change the face of Los Angeles.  Be the pebble in the pond and start the ripple effect.  Or you can always help us with a donation which goes directly to our goal, by going to our donate page.


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