Why Do Our Students Learn A Pledge?

It has been said that repetition is the mother of invention. In the case of our Secrets of the Heart Program, we created a mantra, a pledge, that would not only help students identify with the essence of the lessons they were learning but also assimilate those lessons into a commitment to always value and use their inner gifts.

Young Master flashes the Peace signAt the start and end of each workshop, the children in our workshops repeat these words.  “I promise to use my gifts, everyday, in every way, for I am a Young Master.”  They extend their right hand, form the peace sign and, as they place their hands over their hearts, they say “Peace.”

These words embody the essence of everything we believe.  We are all born with gifts to share.  Why is the Pledge important? It creates a feeling of empowerment in the individual, when repeated in unison, it engages our students with one another, it expresses the core of our mission, and it establishes unity within each class. It also builds leadership.

Students in performance at a DAWE event.At the beginning and end of each workshop, we choose a child to lead the pledge. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a child who was too shy to speak when we first arrived, proudly and confidently stand up at culmination and lead 100 children in reciting the Young Master’s Pledge – a declaration that they know they have gifts to share and that they will use those gifts every day in every way.

Do you have time for a 1 minute video?  Click here to watch our students leading the Young Master’s pledge.

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