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Tiffany Abril is “Miss Saphinne” in our Secrets of the Heart Residency program. She teaches our young students about story and how to use the power of their imagination —their magic eye. That’s the fourth “Secret of the Heart.” They experience theatre arts exercises and gain confidence to express themselves. Then they use their power to enter a Diego Rivera painting using their five senses and create an original story about that painting. Tiffany hails from Ohio where she graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Social and Behavioral Science. Ultimately pursuing a career as an singer and actress she has a background in television, film and theatre including roles in CHICAGO, AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’. LITTLE RED, MEMORIES OF RAGTIME and GOSPEL MEETS SYMPHONY and has performed for Disney and Royal Caribbean cruise lines in productions including THE GOLDEN MICKEY’S, HERCULES THE MUSE-ICAL AND DISNEY DREAMS. She has just released an EP entitled “Touched.” Tiffany has a passion for working with children, having worked in New York Public school systems and and Atlanta based organization, Seeds for Life. Tiffany has been with Dream A World Education since 2015.

Lauren Watanabe as Miss Fiddle.Lauren Watanabe is “Miss Fiddle.”  When the children first meet her in the opening performance of “Secrets of the Heart,” they wonder why she only speaks with her fiddle.  It’s not until their first workshop that they learn she is sometimes shy — like some of them — and so she communicates with music until the children help bring her voice to life.  Miss Fiddle introduces children to hats and headdresses from around the world.  “We’re all the same all over the world, but sometimes we dress and look different,” she tells them.  They then create their own headdresses and decorate them with things for which they’re thankful.  That’s the fifth “Secret of the Heart” — being thankful.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lauren has been active in the arts since childhood, with experience playing classical music and dancing Modern, Ballet, and Dunham Technique. She attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a Music Major, and graduated Occidental College with a Bachelor’s in History. She has played with the LACSHA Symphony Orchestra and the Occidental-CalTech Symphony, and has performed at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Disney Hall. She has experience with the arts of Japanese Calligraphy and Chinese Watercolor. Currently, she is studying to receive her Master’s in East Asian Medicine at Alhambra Medical University. Lauren’s past involvement in Arts education include teaching private violin lessons to local public school students in the Alhambra School District, as well as being Project Manager for after-school visual arts programs AAA (Arts, Achievement and Appreciation) and HEARTS (Happily Engaging in the ARTS), which were supported by Occidental College and LA’s Best. Lauren has been with Dream A World Education since 2013.

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