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Guides, media, and more!

Use the toolbox to reference MP3s, E-Books, and other resources to aid your students and children on their Secrets of the Heart® TV journey!

Curriculum Guide

Use the curriculum guide to learn the best practices and standards for the course.


The following are the songs accompanying the lessons.

"Magic Eye"

"Peaceful Journey"


"YM Blues"

"Be Who You Are"

"Can Do - The Affirmation Song"


Additional instructional videos to make the most out of the curriculum.

“I am Somebody”

Practice responses with your students.


All worksheets, in both Spanish and English, accompanying each lesson

Week: 1
Workshop: 1
Secret: Imagination
Art Form: Theater Arts
Location: Visit Mexico (Read - The Magic Eye)

English | Spanish

Week: 2
Workshop: 2
Secret: Individuality
Art Form: Puppetry
Location: Visit New York, United States

English | Spanish

Week: 3
Workshop: 3
Secret: Peace
Art Form: Music and Dance
Location: Visit Israel

English | Spanish

Week: 4
Workshop: 4
Secret: Emotion
Art Form: Music, The Blues
Location: Visit Mississippi, United States

English | Spanish

Week: 5
Workshop: 5
Secret: Confidence
Art Form: Dance, Hip Hop
Location: New York, United States

English | Spanish

Whole Program Demo

Content Demo​