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SOTH 2 - Toolbox

Guides, media, and more!

Use the toolbox to reference MP3s, E-Books, and other resources to aid your students and children on their Secrets of the Heart® TV journey!


The following are the songs accompanying the lessons.

"This Little Light"

"YM Blues"


"Everyday Is A Gift"

"The Good You Do Lives On"

"Can Do - The Affirmation Song"

"Over The Sky master 2"

"Wade In The Water - Eartha Mix"


"Be Who You Are"

"Cuando Yo Te Vi"

"Free To Be Me"

"What Can I Learn Today"

"The Heart Is Very Smart"

"A World Of Difference"

"Everybody's Mambo"

"Flow Like A River 2"

"Beautiful Day"

"Create Something Magical"

"Follow Your Heart"

"Great Gettin Up Morning"


Additional instructional videos to make the most out of the curriculum.

“I am Somebody”

Practice responses with your students.


All worksheets, in both Spanish and English, accompanying each lesson

Week: 2
Workshop: 2
Art Form:

English | Spanish

Week: 3
Workshop: 1
Secret: Family
Art Form: Visual Arts
Location: Visit California, Texas, and Georgia

English | Spanish

Week: 4
Workshop: 2
Secret: Identity
Art Form: Storytelling/Theater
Location: Visit St. Lucia

English | Spanish

Week: 5
Workshop: 3
Secret: Unity
Art Form: Dance/ Salsa
Location: Visit Puerto Rico

English | Spanish

Week: 6
Workshop: 4
Secret: Voice
Art Form: Ventriloquism
Location: Visit Philadelphia

English | Spanish

Week: 7
Workshop: 5
Secret: Determination
Art Form: Gospel Music
Location: Visit New Orleans

English | Spanish

Week: 8
Workshop: 6
Secret: Knowledge
Art Form: Japanese calligraphy
Location: Visit Japan

English | Spanish

Week: 9
Workshop: 7
Secret: Personality
Art Form: Violin
Location: Visit Thailand

English | Spanish

Week: 10
Workshop: 8
Secret: Feelings
Art Form: Pantomime
Location: Visit Utah and France

English | Spanish

Week: 11
Workshop: 9
Secret: Joy
Art Form: West African Dance
Location: Visit Mali, West Africa

English | Spanish

Week: 12
Workshop: 10
Secret: Diversity
Art Form: Theatre
Location: Visit India

English | Spanish

Week: 13
Workshop: 11
Secret: Power
Art Form: Music
Location: Visit Peru

English | Spanish

Week: 14
Workshop: 12
Secret: Flow
Art Form: Visual Arts
Location: Visit Jamaica

English | Spanish

Week: 15
Workshop: 13
Secret: Exploration
Art Form: Music/ Cello
Location: Visit Ukraine

English | Spanish

Week: 16
Workshop: 14
Secret: Forgiveness
Art Form: Theatre / Midsummer Night’s Dream
Location: Visit England

English | Spanish

Week: 17
Workshop: 15
Secret: Healing
Art Form: Music
Location: Visit Nigeria

English | Spanish

Week: 18
Workshop: 16
Secret: Life
Art Form: Visual Arts/ Animation
Location: Visit Los Angeles

English | Spanish

Week: 19
Workshop: 17
Secret: Curiosity
Art Form: Poetry / Theatre
Location: Visit Space

English | Spanish

Week: 20
Workshop: 18
Secret: Truth
Art Form: Drumming
Location: Visit Egypt

English | Spanish

Week: 21
Workshop: 19
Secret: Ideas
Art Form: Drawing/ Painting
Location: Visit Los Angeles

English | Spanish

Week: 22
Workshop: 20
Secret: Awareness
Art Form: Music/ Clarinet
Location: Visit Germany

English | Spanish

Week: 23
Workshop: 21
Secret: Spontaneity
Art Form: Music/ Improvisation
Location: Visit Virginia

English | Spanish

Week: 24
Workshop: 22
Secret: Roots
Art Form: Music/ Upright Bas, Double Bass
Location: Visit Cuba

English | Spanish

Week: 25
Workshop: 23
Secret: Justice
Art Form: Music / Folk Music
Location: Visit Nashville, Tennessee

English | Spanish

Week: 26
Workshop: 24
Secret: Fun
Art Form: Bollywood Dance
Location: Visit Mumbai, India

English | Spanish

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