How DAWE Teaches Children To Visualize Success

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can use.  Dream board and child 1Olympic athletes have been using it for decades to improve performance. We use vision boards (we call them “dream boards”) to teach children that they can achieve what they can imagine. In other words if they can see it, they can be it.

No violenceDuring our “Secret of the Heart,” kindergarten residency program, children and their parents work together to create dream boards. The project begins when children identify a special “wish” they have in their hearts. Their teacher writes the wishes on a paper heart and hangs them on the Friendship Tree that we later plantIMG_4002 on campus. Over each of the next six weeks, children talk about additional “secrets’ they have in their hearts….friendship, a smile, kindness, imagination and gratitude. Children and parents then incorporate these secrets into their dream board projects by using words, pictures and drawings to represent their future aspirations.

At the Secrets of the Heart culmination performance, we display all of the dream boards around the school auditorium.

ANZA Dream Boards

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