What Makes DAWE Different?

An Early Start Makes All the Difference

Dream A World Education’s programs begin in kindergarten with our Secrets of the Heart Residency. Holding the attention of a 5-year-old can be challenging, but we’ve developed a curriculum that keeps kindergarteners engaged, and we believe they are not only ready but that it’s the perfect time for them to learn the deeper concepts we teach.  So we integrate overarching themes that integrate easily into their academic studies. Our classroom curriculum has been perfected over a number of years as have the parent workshops, our teacher training, and the performances we present on stage.


Learning about Japan.

Our curriculum has been crafted to help develop the whole child.  To do this we focus learning in three areas 1) arts skills – music, dance, theater and visual arts 2) social-emotional learning and life-skills, including kindness and compassion, courage and gratitude and 3) exposing a child to world culture, revealing both the customs that cultures around the world hold in common and the practices and values that make us different.  These educational goals have been artfully woven together through each of our residency programs, from kindergarten through 2nd grade and the goal is to teach children to embrace, accept and honor the differences and similarities that make up our world family.


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