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Principals, Teachers, and Educators

A Letter from Bunny Hull, Founder and Executive Director

Hello Principals, Teachers, and Parents,

Welcome to Dream A World Education!

Young girl watching Secrets of the Heart TV on an iPad.

Since 2008, we have brought Secrets of the Heart programs into underserved schools across Los Angeles.  We are delighted to introduce you to our new Secrets of the Heart® TV virtual program for children in Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten.

In the tradition of our in-school program, Secrets of the Heart® TV supports your students with high quality arts-based social-emotional online learning by providing programs that positively impact the way children see themselves and the world around them.

The programs are fun, uplifting and interactive video workshops, enhanced with animation, to introduce your children to the diversity of cultures within our human family and the “secrets” that help us connect with one another. What are “secrets of the heart?” The “secrets” are shared universal values, the principles that bind us together.  The understanding that helps children form positive relationships with others like:  friendship, kindness, love, peace, cooperation and compassion.

Black woman from Secrets of the Heart TV video signing the word peace in American Sign Language. The word peace is written on the screen in large pink letters.

Subscriptions are designed for entire grade levels, single classrooms, and single families.  They begin with two orientations followed by an Opening Performance and 24 webisodes. Each 15-minute episode contains a new “secret”.  Each webisode teaches American Sign Language, language arts, and geography and includes journal worksheets in English and Spanish.

Every secret is connected to an art form, such as music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, and each art form is connected to a location somewhere in the world — places like Mexico, Thailand, Israel and Africa.

Our exceptional, diverse team of Teaching Artists includes accomplished actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and even a puppeteer. The program culminates with a children’s performance.

Each subscription includes six Young Masters Little Wisdom e-books, and you’ll receive a new song each week.

A hispanic girl Zooming from her kitchen at home.

One hundred percent (100%)of our principals and teachers believe in the outcomes achieved with Secrets of the Heart®, and we know you will too. We welcome you to our new virtual program, Secrets of the Heart® TV. Join our family!  You can find out more by going to

We look forward to having you as part of our family,

Bunny Hull

Founder and Executive Director

Dream A World Education

Resources for Educators

A teacher standing in front of a dry erase board as childern look on while sitting on a carpeted area.

Classroom Resources

Help yourselves to these classroom resources for grades TK-3. They are FREE to use and share at no cost.

Black woman in colorful clothing and an animated character from a Secrets of the Heart TV video.

Sign Language Videos

American Sign Language (ASL) videos to supplement Secrets of the Heart TV Seedlings, Series I, and Series II .

Young Masters Little Wisdom books and CDs.

Young Masters Little Wisdom Books®

Young Masters Little Wisdom® books are used by Dream A World Education, Inc. to support the arts curriculum for Secrets of the Heart® and Secrets of the Heart® TV.

The Ripple Effect Documentary

The Ripple Effect Documentary

The Ripple Effect is a documentary short that examines the struggle to keep arts alive for inner city children and reveals the power of arts education to educate the heart and impact schools and communities and the lives of those living in poverty.

Arts of the Earth Short Film with Native Americans

Arts of the Earth Short Film

Arts of the Earth features Native American and International Folk Artists in a new Secrets of the Heart® series for our youngest learners.  Exploring feelings, culture and early learning concepts through “arts of the earth.” 

Four female artists of various ethnicities wearing colorful clothing and standing in front of a backdrop of a starry night.


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