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Secrets of the Heart® TV - On-Campus Hybrid Residency

The “Secrets” Children Learn:


Young Masters Little Wisdom® e-books, music mp3s, links to weekly learning, activity sheets, discussion prompts, clickable curriculum guide and visual arts supplies. Admin and Teacher planning and staff support included.


Secrets of the Heart® Hybrid On-Campus program is an arts-based social emotional literacy program for Universal Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade.  It takes children on a journey of self-discovery and introduces them to multidisciplinary arts, world culture and the gifts that live within each of them. 

This curriculum is based upon the California Arts Standards, National Arts Standards,  Common Core and  for language, CASEL Core Competencies and the Social Justice Standards of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Secrets of the Heart® On-Campus Hybrid Residency

This residency is available in 27 or 15 week lengths for UTK – K (Series I) and 1st & 2nd grade (Series II). 

Each school is assigned a professional artist to support the web-based digital curriculum with monthly visits.  This residency requires a minimum of three participating classes with up to 25 students per class. (Los Angeles County Schools only)

  • Parent Workshop: (optional) Provides an overview of what students will experience during the digital residency and introduces a family arts project. Example Series I project: Children, parents and family members create a vision board (we call it a Dream Board) with images that represent the family’s hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Professional Development: (Optional) Offers participating teachers an opportunity to learn the program’s goals and expected outcomes and gives them a preview of some of the arts activities students will experience. The professional development is open to all teachers, regardless of grade level, and staff.
  • Secrets of the Heart® Opening Interactive Film: Introduces the program’s Teaching Artist and the meaning of the Secrets of the Heart® for participating classes and other grade levels as space permits. Children learn the Young Masters Pledge and the first five “secrets:  – friendship and a smile, kindness, imagination and gratitude – through music, dance, drumming, story and American Sign Language (ASL). 
  • Workshops: The  Opening Film is followed by a series of 24 workshops from Series I or Series ll curriculum.  Workshops are 15 minutes in length and are shown by classroom teachers once a week. Discussion prompts and activity sheets are provided. Once a month a Teaching Artist visits classrooms to help children make their headdresses, share, music, dance,  rhythms and American Sign Language in preparation for a final culmination for families and friends.
  • Rehearsal:  One rehearsal in the auditorium prepares students for the culmination assembly.
  • Culmination: The children wear their headdresses, confidently perform their songs, dances, and stories for family and friends.  Vision Boards made by the children and their families are displayed on the walls of the auditorium.

          * This program is available in select areas of LA County only.

The Secrets of the Heart culmination is a celebration of the arts, world culture and the universal principles that the children have learned over a 27 ot 15 week period. Schools may plant a live Friendship Tree if they choose where wishes are hung that were placed on the tree in our beginning performance. A place where children can come to read, to talk, to resolve their differences and to create new wishes for their future.

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