Professional Development

Professional Development – For Teachers K-2

“Dream A World Education has played a significant role in setting the stage for collegiality and teacher engagement.” Brad Rumble, Principal Esperanza Elementary

Most teachers don’t look forward to Professional Development sessions and often feel overwhelmed at the thought of attending one more presentation.  Our programs are designed to inspire, uplift and energize and are filled with music, dance and creativity.

Our teacher trainings precede each of our residency programs to help engage all grade level teachers and maximize our effect on school climate and culture.

Secrets of the Heart – Professional Development – Overview

pd-esperanzaThe “Secrets of the Heart” teacher trainings are professional development workshops for up to 75 teachers with combined dance and music components for teachers K-2. Teachers are offered specific tools and instructional tasks to merge the value of curriculum in arts learning with social and cultural understanding. These training aligns with Visual and Performing Arts Framework standards.

In one-hour music and dance workshops, which are favorites of teachers, participants learn a Liberian folk song taught in the languages of Liberia and Yoruba, spoken in Nigeria and areas of West Africa. They also learn its presentation in dance. They learn its meaning and history and then how they can use that same rhythm to create an original song with their classes. Both dance and music are conducted to the live rhythm of African drumming. This workshop connects with key concepts from early elementary curriculum – particularly the concepts of friendship and kindness. Teachers will leave with links to internet resources.

In theatre arts workshops they learn how to use well-known works of art to explore imagination, how to use arts and imagination to engage students in language arts.  Imagination, they learn, is a muscle that can be exercised and a vital part of creating a successful life.

Workshops can be expanded to include additional presentations, in all art forms and are accompanied by printed curriculum materials which provide tasks for children that relate to the arts and link to listening/speaking, history and geography. Workshops are designed for teachers, administrators and arts coordinators and can be presented sequentially or in two sessions. Participants leave with internet links to resources.

One World Drum Circles  – Professional Development Overview

esperanza-teachers-drum-circleThis is a one hour presentation for all grade level teachers and can be expanded upon request.

Drums are be set in a circle as teachers enter.  Teachers learn the importance of drumming in African culture and their historical values.  They learn of the use of drums in communication, ceremony, healing, ritual, storytelling and dance.

Teachers learn a call and response from Guinea West Africa.  They learn how they can use this in their classroom for different purposes.

Participants learn ASL signs as they pertain to the Secrets of the Heart involved in the One World Drum Circles Program.  Teachers join together to play rhythms, have an opportunity to improvise as we go around the circle.

This workshop not only offers teachers useful tools and concepts which they can take back to their own grade level classrooms, but involves teachers in an uplifting and inspirational experience that’s important to an ongoing healthy environment of teamwork and cooperation at any school.  This second year of professional development for our participating teachers reinforces our curriculum model, which includes supporting a positive school culture and climate.

Dance In America – Professional Development Overview

pd-leo-20122In this one hour presentation for all grade level teachers, staff will evaluate the purpose and meaning of dance in America and in different cultures around the World.  They will be inspired by participating in a simple dance warm up, experience the history of dance movement in America from Latin dance, through 60’s, Motown, Michael Jackson and Hip Hop. A “Soul Train” line will end our presentation as teachers express themselves in movement.

  • We’ve had teachers ask their principal if they could do this once a week. It’s energizing, expands teacher skills and is lots of fun.
  • Please contact Bunny Hull for pricing of all programs.