Who We Are

Dream A World Education provides a unique, high quality early childhood arts education that supports academic development, social-emotional learning and an understanding of cultural diversity.

What We Do

Dream A World Education’s programs change school culture.

We engage parents, create collaboration between teachers, influence school administration and by means of our artists and staff create an environment that is compassionate and loving.

We approach learning on a global level with programs that teach children not only to understand who they are, but to better understand the world and the universal principles that join us as a global family. Children are guided to reach their highest potential as they learn how the arts connect with social development, and how the power of creativity applies to all of life.


We believe in art for life’s sake. Dream A World Education’s programs utilize the arts to teach children they are born with natural gifts and they can use those gifts to change their own lives and the world around them. They learn how to Dream A World…their world. We supply a nurturing environment and provide concrete principles, concepts, ideas and tools they can rely on to do just that. These are tools that they can take with them wherever they go. They learn how to work together, play together, respect each other, solve problems and they learn about the world in which they live.  We teach children the art of living.

Dream A World Education has assembled an exceptional team of professional artists/educators to bring unforgettable arts experiences to children K-2. We work primarily in low-income public schools in the greater Los Angeles area and occasionally at Festivals and special events. Our arts programs promote social education, develop positive life skills and foster greater self-awareness by creating a clear link between self-expression in the arts and the choices a child makes in everyday life.


Schools we serve in the LAUSD, Wiseburn and Hawthorne School Districts:  Esperanza Elementary, Marvin Elementary, Juan De Anza Elementary, Eucalyptus Elementary, Kornblum Elementary, Zela Davis Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, 
Braddock Elementary, Washington Elementary, Juan Cabrillo Elementary and Ramona Elementary