Our Mission

Dream A World Education provides social-emotional learning and
an understanding of cultural diversity through an early childhood, arts-based education.


Our Vision

We envision a world where every child discovers the power of their own creativity, and understands how we are connected as a human family.

Founded in 2008 by Grammy® Award-winning songwriter Bunny Hull

Dream A World Education (DAWE) has grown from serving 120 students in 2008 to reaching 4,286 children and families in 2020.  DAWE currently provides programs in multi-grade levels in 10 schools, in three school Districts:  Los Angeles Unified, Hawthorne School District and Wiseburn School District.

The organization was founded in 2008 by Grammy® Award-winning songwriter Bunny Hull.

Founder, Grammy® Award-winner Bunny Hull began her work with children after a long career in the music industry.  Her educational work began in 1994 with the creation of award-winning music and books for children followed by outreach programs and performances at Corrine Seeds UCLA, LAUSD and Clark County, Nevada school districts and student performances at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Cerritos Center for the Arts, The Alex Theatre, L.A. Times Festival of Books and Kid City in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Hull’s award-winning Young Masters Little Wisdom music and book series, paved the way for development of Secrets of the Heart® curriculum through The Actor’s Fund Teaching Artist program in association with the Los Angeles Music Center.  It was through this work that Dream A World Education was born.

Secrets of the Heart® programs address the whole child

Early lessons have a lasting impact on a child. It is said that all the milestones relating to a child’s development happen before a child turns six.

A child’s brain is like a sponge and a memory bank for all that enters their senses. Along with coordination, poise and stamina, patterns are formed, skills developed and the understanding of concepts and vocabulary are learned. This is the age when children learn the difference between right and wrong. It’s a time when social relationships are developed and racial and gender bias can be formed as they interact with each other and new adults as they are introduced into a school setting.

It is our aim to reach children in these most formative years. It’s true that the healthy evolution of a child depends on more than just their school experiences. They need a solid support system at home. Some children may or may not have that support. Secrets of the Heart® programs create opportunities for deeper connection and communication between children, parents and guardians. We believe one unforgettable exchange or experience can change a life. It is our intention to provide that experience for every child and parent we meet.

Dr. Susan Savage, who has analyzed the effectiveness of our work through data provided over a three-year period, tells us:

Social-emotional development is key for later academic performance, mental health, and social relationships. Programs that support this development set the stage for successful students and community. Results from parents and student evaluations from Dream A World Education’s programs clearly show that this arts-based education increases student’ social-emotional development and as a result creates a firm foundation for later academic achievement and development of community citizenship. These skills are more important now than ever before.

As our world becomes more complex, diverse, interconnected, and interdependent educational systems have realized the need to change. Lasting change cannot occur if only one part of a system within which a child develops changes.

It is critical to engage children in learning during their early years. According to the US Department of Education: "Children who are chronically absent in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the third grade. Students who cannot read at grade level by the end of third grade are four times more likely than proficient readers to drop out of high school.

Dr. Susan Savage, Director of Research at Child Care Resource Center

Every choice a child makes is based on how they perceive themselves and the world around them. It impacts their attitudes, the relationships they forge, and the way they interact with their families and friends.

Our partner school demographics show:

These children require instructional adaptation and accommodation to meet their needs. Each year, we reach into our ever-expanding teaching toolbox to ensure that each child receives the best possible opportunity to learn and succeed through our programs.

Statistics and data are available upon request by contacting info@dreamaworldedu.org

For a program price sheet or additional information, please contact us.

Dream A World Education’s programs change school culture.

Dream A World Education makes a meaningful difference in early childhood development through Secrets of the Heart® enrichment programs designed to teach social-emotional learning and cultural diversity with exemplary arts programming. Through Secrets of the Heart® school residencies and web-based Secrets of the Heart® TV, our original and continuing goal is to reach primary school children everywhere, especially those in underserved schools and in low-income communities.

Programs promote and celebrate the connections between creative and cognitive thinking and between art and humanity. Workshops link the arts experience to academic learning- Language Arts, Listening/Speaking, History and Social Studies-and introduce interpersonal skills and universal values like kindness, courage and compassion.

Introducing conversations about racial bias that explore identity, diversity and justice acknowledge what children already know: people are different, and the world is not colorblind. We believe early childhood anti-bias training that includes kindness, empathy and compassion helps children reject the influences that promote systemic racism. 

Delivered by a diverse team of highly skilled professional artists, programs positively impact school climate and culture and create a continuum of learning for students, parents and teachers.

In addition, programs reach out to include family members’ participation in art projects and volunteerism, provide professional development to encourage teachers to more readily embrace the arts, and promote intergenerational activities for the retired teachers and others who volunteer to support arts workshops.

Secrets of the Heart® develops positive life skills and fosters greater self-awareness by creating a clear link between self-expression through creativity and the choices a child makes in everyday life.

Schools Served 2008-2020 LAUSD, Wiseburn and Hawthorne School Districts

How We Do It

Inspire • Explore • Create • Discover • Share

Curriculum is aligned with the VAPA/California Arts Standards, National Core Arts Standards, Common Core Standards for language and CASEL Core Competencies. Classroom-based Secrets of the Heart® programs are delivered during school hours for grade levels TK–3rd grade. Secrets of the Heart® TV programs are available on demand for TK and Kindergarten.

Through exemplary arts learning we “inspire” children to “explore” their imagination, “create” art, “discover” who they are, “identify and express” their wishes and dreams, and “demonstrate” their learning by practicing their newly acquired skills with their peers, families and community.

Our program uses the universal languages of visual arts, music, dance, theater, language arts, American Sign Language and multi-sensory learning aids to engage all learners in understanding the core values of being human and developing positive social and emotional skills.

Our culturally diverse Teaching Artists are a highly qualified team of dedicated professionals with an extensive list of performing achievements, awards and leadership experiences in the United States, Europe and Africa. Their language fluency includes Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, German, French, Thai and Italian. They have been trained to work with children in early elementary grade levels. We use the power of interactive performance to capture children’s attention, so they can feel what it’s like to be inspired. We then work with them in classroom or through virtual webisodes to explore one or more art forms. As they experience the joy of creating something, they discover the power of their own creativity and the unlimited ways they can use their imagination. The experience culminates when they share what they have created with others.

During the workshops we reinforce:

As the creative process unfolds, children learn how to perceive their surroundings and experience other cultures. They get an understanding of why they need to read, and learn to relate to history and geography in a new way. These unforgettable arts experiences connect the dots to life – to critical thinking and social skills, literacy and core subjects.

We’re committed to fulfilling our vision

With the growth of the Secrets of the Heart® residency programs in Los Angeles, and the current uncertainty of schools starting up again because of COVID-19, Secrets of the Heart® TV provides an opportunity to continue to reach students in school and at home. As we expand into schools and homes around the globe, we’re committed to fulfilling our vision…

Creating a world where every child discovers the power of their own creativity and understands how we are connected as a human family.

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