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Parent Workshops

Prior to the start of all residency programs, we meet with parents to discuss what we are teaching their children and how they can maximize that experience. Parents learn the “secrets of the heart,” the overarching themes that their children are learning – in English, in Spanish and American Sign Language.

Parents sitting infolding chairs in a circle during a parent workshop.

Secrets of the Heart

  • Themes: Friendship and a smile, kindness, imagination, gratitude, courage, creativity, love, family, beauty, giving, happiness and peace

  • Parents participate in an orientation and learn call and response in the language of West Africa.  They are invited to participate in a family arts project to create vision/dream boards with their children.  This will take place for the duration of the residency

One World Drum Circles

  • Themes: Respect, wisdom, compassion, cooperation, honesty, truth and intelligence.

  • Parents learn how drums are used in Africa and learn  how to hold and play a drum.

  • They cooperate to play rhythms together

  • They learn the countries and continents that their children will visit during the program

    • Australia, China, Egypt, Ghana West Africa, Ireland, North America, Peru

Dance In America

  • Themes:  Dance, dedication, discipline, passion and practice

  • Parents have an overview of the history of Dance in America from ballet to Hip-hop.

  • They participate in a dance experience in which they learn a variety of dance styles.

  • They participate in a Soul Train line.

Gifts of the Griot

  • Theme: Inspiration
  • Parents learn that a griot is a storyteller in West African culture
  • They participate in call and response
  • They identify African instruments and experience creating a poem and setting it to music.
  • Thank you to our Parent Volunteers!

Whole Program Demo

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