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Virtual Arts-Based Social-Emotional Learning!

Envisioning a world where every child discovers the power of their own creativity, 
and understands how we are connected as a human family.

Since 2008 Dream A World Education has offered Secrets of the Heart® programs in Los Angeles schools to provide arts, social-emotional learning, diversity, culture and language arts to children attending inner-city schools. Now it’s available wherever children are learning! Secrets of the Heart® TV standards-based virtual programming takes your children on journey of self-discovery where they learn more about who they are and how we’re all connected. It is our goal to help you and your children Dream A World - for you, your family, your community, your world.

This arts-based social emotional-learning (SEL) program influences children in their most formative years, from 4 - 8, Transitional Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  Through the richness of the arts:  music, dance, theatre, visual arts and puppetry, children learn about the universal values that join us as a human family.  Concepts like kindness, courage, compassion and creativity, and the many overarching themes we call “secrets” help children appreciate the innate gifts with which they were born.  The gifts, when used skillfully, give them the keys to live a full and happy life.

Secrets of the Heart® TV curriculum is aligned with the California Arts Standards, National Core Arts Standards, Common Core Standards for language, CASEL Core Competencies and Social Justice Anti-Bias Standards.  Our resources, the Young Masters Little Wisdom® books and music, on which the program is built, are used in Los Angeles County Public Schools and in Montessori Schools around the world.

Testimonials!  See what educators, parents and others have to say about Secrets of the Heart® here.

Each Secrets of the Heart® TV subscription includes:


of parents say their children understand and demonstrate SOTH concepts


of principals observed positive changes in students’ social-emotional skills


of teachers want programs to return

Do You Fit Into One of These Categories?

Secrets of the Heart™ TV can be a resource for your children. We are designed for TK and Kindergarten but lessons span age ranges from 4-8.

Secrets of the Heart® empowers children to:

Meet Our Characters

Students explore America Sign Language with our diverse group of characters!







Each subscription pays it forward by helping fund an under-resourced school.

Optional add-on to your subscription for Classroom or Grade Level:
Four professional artists from a multidisciplinary arts team are assigned to your school. Each will provide one 20-minute workshop for your students that will “knock your socks off!”

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