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Inspiring Creativity
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One World Drum Circles - Tool Kit

Once World Drum Circle - Tool Kit

Hello Teachers!

Drum circles are a magical experience for all who participate. Below are resources for the One World Drum Circle (OWDC) 12 week residency program. Please read the overview and download coloring pages for your students and stories to read prior to each workshop. It will all help deepen the mean for your students.

Your Dream A World Team

One World Drum Circle

Program Overview

This residency teaches children how to hold and play a drum and explains drum technique. It introduces story and folklore, an understanding of our similarities and differences and how we live in a global community. The curriculum meets the visual and performing arts standards for the State of California and aligns with the new Common Core curriculum. It incorporates language arts, vocabulary, geography and mathematics as it pertains to counting rhythms and identifying patterns. Additionally it promotes social-emotional learning as children discover the morals and principles embodied in the folklore and stories explored. Story themes include: wisdom, cooperation, truth, generosity, intelligence, respect, and compassion. World cultures explored include: North America (Native American), China, Ireland, Africa (Ghana and Egypt), South America (Peru), Australia (Native Aboriginal Culture).


To enhance the workshop experience we suggest the following:

Introduce children to the country and story they will be visiting and read Folklore – Please read the story before coming to the workshop it will give us more time to drum.
  • Week 1 – Country #1 – Ghana – Story begins
  • Week 2 – Country #1 – continued – Ghana
  • Week 3 – Country #2 – Egypt
  • Week 4 – Country #2 – continued – Egypt
  • Week 5 – Country #3 – Australia
  • Week 6 – Country #4 – Native American
  • Week 7 – Country #5 – China
  • Week 8 – Country #6 – Ireland
  • Week 9 – Country #7 – Peru (South America)
  • Week 10 – Rehearsal 1
  • Week 11 – Rehearsal 2 (extra rehearsal may be necessary if program is broken by holidays)
  • Week 12 – Culmination

Folk Stories Download

Students complete coloring pages to deepen learning.
  • Color the country you visited that week, identify on a map or globe and discuss
  • Tie-in with language arts: write vocabulary words and color the drum used for that week and write one sentence using vocabulary

Coloring Pages Download

Whole Program Demo

Content Demo​