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We love, honor and respect teachers! If you’re on this page, that means YOU! Please help yourselves to these classroom resources for grades K-5. They are free to use and share at no cost.

Secrets of the Heart – American Sign Language with Patty Dagata

Patty Dagata is a Los Angeles Educator and Specialist working with the deaf and hard of hearing. She recently conducted a Professional Development for the Teaching Artists of Dream A World Education, an arts non-profit working in low income schools in Los Angeles. This is a video which captures the ASL relevant to our Secrets of the Heart, Passport To The Heart and One World Drum Circle, Story and Song Programs. It also includes some useful classroom vocabulary.

Secrets of the Heart – American Sign Language

Friendship • Smile • Kindness • Imagination • Thank you • Courage • Love • Creativity • Peace • Giving • Beauty • Family • Happiness

The Young Masters’ Pledge

The Secrets of the Heart and Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery programs begins and ends each workshop with the Young Masters Pledge:

Make a peace sign, place it over your heart and repeat after me.
“I promise to use my gift’s. Everyday, in everyway, for I am a Young Master. PEACE!”

teaching artist playing flute


A Liberian Folk Song w/Anindo and Bunny Hull:

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Kindergarten Version:

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Fanga Video

Click here to view the kindergarten partner version of the Fanga dance.

build a song graphic

BUILD A SONG with rhythm

Use this rhythm and two or three notes of your choice to create a chant or simple song.

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Pick a subject like, “I am grateful”, or “My name is____”.
Go around in a circle each one taking a turn.

Pgymy children’s game graphic

Try this Pgymy children’s game

Sit in a circle with everyone’s feet touching to play an Osani game called “Circle of Love”.

Each person names a round object like the sun or the moon, or an eye, older children go on to name an expression of “round”, like a circle of friends, or cycle of the moon.

As players fail to give an answer that is “circular” they drop out until one player is left. In the tradition this player will live a long and prosperous life.

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