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A new documentary short produced by Dream A World Education and Cinema Verde Productions has just been released.

Grammy-award winner and first time director, Bunny Hull, shines a light on the value of arts education2 girls I see inner city schools. The Ripple Effect follows the unique approach of Dream A World Education as professional artists provide arts programs to children in early elementary grades, parents and teachers in some of the poorest areas of Los Angeles. The film highlights the lack of funding, why the arts are so critical to the education of our youth and school communities, and Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.03.37 AMhow the benefits of the arts go far beyond what we’ve imagined.

As we hear from immigrant parents, educators, and administrators, we find out why the investment in educating children’s hearts is as important as investing in educating their minds, and how the effect causes a ripple that is felt by families, school culture, and ultimately out into the community.

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