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Dance In America - Tool Kit

Eucalyptus DIA Culmination

The “Secrets” Children Learn:

Hello Teachers!

Dance workshops are a magical experience for all who participate. Below are resources for the Dance in America (DIA) 12 week residency program. Please read the overview.

Your Dream A World Team

Program Overview

Dance in America is a residency for second grade that follows Secrets of the Heart® in kindergarten and One World Drum Circles in first grade. It teaches the history of dance in the United States. Curriculum is aligned with California Arts Standards and Common Core standards for Language Arts. This program is designed as a 12-week residency but can be customized to meet a school’s needs. The secrets taught in this residency are dance, dedication, discipline, passion and practice.

Students will learn dance that is performed solo, with partners and in groups. They will discover that dance may be choreographed, freestyle or a combination of both. We will explore tap dance, jazz, latin dance styles, popular American dances from the 1960’s. We will continue to explore the history of dance through the Motown era, disco era, popping, locking and hiphop. Dance styles will be linked to historical values and cultural connections.

All or some of these styles will be included according to how your school program is structured and how many workshops are budgeted.

Below is an overview of weekly workshops for a 12 week residency program.

Short videos are shown at the start of each workshop that demonstrate the style of dance we are exploring or show a connection between styles from an earlier form of dance.
  1. Ballet –  Artists featured:  Misty Copeland & Osiel Gouneo
  2. Modern – Artist featured: Alvin Ailey Dance Company
  3. Tap – Artists featured: The Nicholas Brothers
  4. Jazz: Artists featured: Westside Story, Bob Fosse
  5. Latin Roots – Various artists featured doing  popular social dances
  6. Popular Dance from the 60s – Artists featured: Chubby Checker, James Brown
  7. Motown –  Artists featured: The Supremes, The Jackson 5, The Temptations Introduce Soul Train line
  8. Disco – Various Artists  featured: Social dances, The Hustle  
  9. Hip Hop – Basic Hip Hop 
  10. Class workshop rehearsal – Zero in on chosen style for each class for culmination
  11. Rehearsal for all classes – Review of selected dance – Soul Train Line
  12. DIA Review/Culmination – Review of selected dance.  Parents and children will dance together in a Soul Train Line.
Dance in America Tool Kit

Whole Program Demo

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