Follow Your Art – Follow Your Heart

I think I believe as most artists do. There is a power within us that we can use, a power that has to be expressed – the power of creativity. Each of us discovers how to use it. If not as an artist, we may use it as a gardner, engineer, teacher, mother, father or all those things. No matter what we do we’re using our creativity. As artists, our creations emerge from raw emotion and from that emotion a higher purpose may evolve. We can heal ourselves, and we can inspire others.


Before I became a professional songwriter and singer, as a young girl, I felt the power of creativity surging within me in a profound way. It was undeniable, as it is for all artists. We have to create. That divine urge sent me on lifelong quest….to sing, to write, to imagine. It took me on a journey beyond my imagination – to win a Grammy award, to write children’s books and to perform with artists I admired and respected. Then eventually to found a non-profit so I could pay it forward.


It’s vital we learn how to use our creativity when we’re young. It’s a muscle that needs to be excercised, a power that needs to be directed. It opens our minds and heart and allows us to discover who we are. I was fortunate that at a young age, I somehow understood its importance and how music and art could enlighten me and at the same time touch others. I believe that revelation is what eventually led me to found an arts education organization so I could help young children experience what I had experienced. When you follow your art, and learn to follow your heart – it will take you to wonderful unexpected places. Trust the process. Enjoy the journey.


Bunny Hull is Founder and Executive Director of Dream A World Education.,


Bunny Hull is also Director of the documentary short film The Ripple Effect.


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