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Your contribution helps children in underserved schools experience the transformative power of the arts.

With your donation today, you’ll live the Hollywood dream and help thousands of children
and their families realize their dreams, too!

Secrets of the Heart Series II Participating Artists

Koi Anunta • Raul Baltazar • Phyllis Bailey-Brooks • Clarice Cast • Babe Evans 
Yrneh Gabon • Susan Kaiser Greenland • Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis • Jennie Jethwani • Kara Mack 
Ashley Maher • Michelle Merring • Megha Nabe • Gabe Noel • Cecilia Noel • Michael Paul
Valerie Pinkston • Lynn Okimura • Edwin Rivera • Sunny War • Jessica Winward
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Meet our animated characters Butaan, Teensy, Weensy, EEtha and Phylos!

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