Raising The Roof…With The Floor! Fund Update: $30,000 and Growing

For the last month, our Advisory Board Member, famed choreographer and humanitarian Vincent Paterson, has been raising funds for Dream A World Education school arts programs and also for Donielle Artese, a dancer in urgent need of a kidney transplant.  Vincent has recovered, cleaned and engraved floor planks from the now-demolished Debbie Reynolds Studios and is sending them to donors who contribute to his fundraising initiative. Countless projects were created at DR Studios and celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lucille Ball and thousands of others danced, dreamed and left their imprint on its floorboards.

Our deepest thanks to Vincent and the team of angels he assembled to help make this happen, and to the donors who have contributed. We especially thank Teresa Taylor and The Global Dance Initiative for supporting Vince in his efforts.

Whole Program Demo

Content Demo​