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Curriculum Guide

Use the curriculum guide to learn the best practices and standards for the course.


The following are the songs accompanying the lessons.

"YM Blues"

"Over The Sky master 2"


"Flow Like A River 2"

"Create Something Magical"

"Great Gettin Up Morning"


Additional instructional videos to make the most out of the curriculum.

“I am Somebody”

Practice responses with your students.


All worksheets, in both Spanish and English, accompanying each lesson

Week: 2
Workshop: 2
Art Form:

English | Spanish

Week: 3
Workshop: 1
Secret: Family
Art Form: Visual Arts
Location: Visit California, Texas, and Georgia

English | Spanish

Week: 4
Workshop: 2
Secret: Curiosity
Art Form: Poetry / Theatre
Location: Visit Space

English | Spanish

Week: 5
Workshop: 3
Secret: Spontaneity
Art Form: Music/ Improvisation
Location: Visit Virginia

English | Spanish

Week: 6
Workshop: 4
Secret: Determination
Art Form: Gospel Music
Location: Visit New Orleans

English | Spanish

Week: 7
Workshop: 5
Secret: Flow
Art Form: Visual Arts
Location: Visit Jamaica

English | Spanish